April 17: Indiana Jones trick-or-treat bag, Little Rascals DVD set, Bone Screw, and Miniature Bluebird of Happiness

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:33 AM
Given to Nandini from Mike.
Nandini didn't get screwed by this gift pack
Mike may be a fine orthopedic surgeon, but I've got a partially-raised eyebrow on his gift-buying skills.  He said he bought the Little Rascals DVD because he just wanted to see if he could find it and buy it online (case closed).  The Indiana Jones bag was another kind of 'just 'cuz I can buy it I will' kind of gift.  The bluebird of happiness, he thought, was supposed to be like 400x larger than what he ordered.  From the picture, see if you can spy that little blue dot on the tan bag. But even he was like 'wtf, man, this is small'.  And the bone screw was taken from a patient from an operation earlier in the day.  Juuuussst kidding.

Keeps her socks on so she can go
dancing in the dark
-Profession: Dentist-in-training

-Favorite computer app: Pandora

-'Nandini' is the name of a wish-granting cow in Hindu mythology.  What three wishes would you want granted?:  1) Contentment for my family; 2) Be the head of the Center for Disease Control; 3) be a superwoman who can run a house and be the head of a household and do it all great!

-You enjoy food and food blogs.  Give me your food review of an Oreo cookie:
I appreciate the way the two textures work in concert with each other--the crispiness of the chocolate cookie contrasted with the delicacy of the creme filling.  I do recommend to break the cookie when eating it.  I usually only eat the cookie part and dunk in milk--that part is certainly the most delicate.

-A fun fact about you is that you sleep with your socks on.  What would happen if someone pulled one off while you were sleeping?:  I would be mad as hell.  But I likely wouldn't notice.  But if I do get disturbed, it would not be a good day for that person.  And then I would have to get another sock because I couldn't stand the inequality on my feet.