April 10: Leg Pedaler

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:58 PM
Given to Anya from Sande.

I have no idea what to call this thing.  As you might imagine, you place this device near your feet and then place your feet in the straps and start pedaling.  It's not only weird because other stationary bikes I've seen have a seat or handles and that kind of thing, but also because there's no torque when you pedal.  You can't vary the strength of resistance.  You could pedal for 5 hours and probably burn 19 calories, I'm guessing.

If I could, I'd give this to my friend Mike, who I see at the gym pedaling on the stationary bikes for long periods of time.  He always has a cheap paperback novel he's reading, usually a poor man's version of The Firm.  But I also feel okay making the exchange with Anya because 1) she doesn't have a TV, so she'll be reading and pedaling like Mike (because she wants to be like Mike); and 2) her boyfriend told me that she has developed a leg cramp while driving, so this may work that bugger out of her leg.  Yay!

-Profession: Community Development; Grad student

-Favorite racket sport: Tennis

-Is there any part of your life where you feel like you're pedaling and not going anywhere?:  Yes, in my current grad program.  I'm not learning anything and neither is anyone else.

-Do you listen to Enya?:  Occasionally.  But I don't like when people call me that.  I will sing to the song she sang in Lord of the Rings.  I pretend that I like that and can sing like that.

-A while ago, I was walking out with you and your boyfriend to a parking lot when another gentlemen thought I was with you and said, "You've done good for yourself, son."  At that moment, you thought which of the following?:
A) Corey (my bf) has done good, get it right!
B) I'm helping boost Dan's profile, aww yeah
C) Why, hello...
D) _________

I'll take D.  I was wondering if he just liked me or my car or did he like that I was picking people up?  I have no idea.