April 11: "Go Green" Kit

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:09 PM
Given to LeeAnn from Anya.

Anya's "Go Green" kit is a reusable grocery bag from Save-A-Lot stores, along with a freezable green glass with three green plastic shot glasses and a can of Guinness.  She apologized that no Bailey's was included, so LeeAnn will have to go find some if she desires to do any Irish car bombs.  However, LeeAnn is German and is adamant about only drinking Jaegermeister.

I've never done a shot of anything in my life, but whenever I hear of someone doing or wanting to do shots, I think of this guy I went to college with who did Apple Pucker shots on his 21st birthday.  No way to slice that one any other way than 'yuck'.

There's a freedom in her arms
-Profession: Massotherapist; Barista

-Favorite scent of massage oil: Lavender

-How much do you think you have in common with LeAnn Rimes?:  I bet we both eat hamburgers and both like nail polish.

-What's the most random thing you've thought of when pulling espresso shots?:  Did I push the right button?  Was it decaf or regular?  Shoot.

-Finish this thought:  Give me porter, give me stout...: I sure love it, that ain't no doubt.