April 23: Gnome Garden Statue

Monday, April 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:47 PM
Given to Libby from Jackie.

Jackie's mom likes to take her gnome when she goes on vacation and she will take a photo of it in recognizable tourist locales.  That prompted Jackie to buy not one (for the gift exchange), but two gnomes so she could keep one for herself.  However, she didn't think Libby would be able to cart this one around in the same manner her mother does because it's a fair size larger.  Oddly, she asked me if I could "roll the gnome around" in my garden dirt to make it look as if it came from her garden.  Obviously, she's learned how to plant false evidence by watching a little too much CSI: NY.

It didn't take long for Libby to grow attached to her new little friend.  Just seconds after setting it on the bar top, she was attempting to have it sip her beer.

Libby's in a price war with Hormel
-Profession: College Admissions

-Favorite last name seen on an Admissions application: Goodlife

-What quantity of Libby's canned pumpkin puree do you have in your pantry?:  None!  But I was in the store the other day and convinced a woman to buy it when I told her I made it.

-You just got engaged two days ago.  Does this take the pressure of being on the 'Kiss Cam' at major sporting events?:  Yes, I'm not worried anymore.

-Does your gift make you less/more inclined to do your hotel and flight shopping on Travelocity?:  No bearing...well, okay, it's motivating me slightly to go there.