April 7: Half-Marathon Running shirt and 4 Hammer Gel Energy Packs

Saturday, April 7, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 6:36 PM
Given to Anna from Sally.

Some flavors just shouldn't be made for running gel packs.  In case anyone out there is unaware, runners will slurp down one of these packs during their race to get the nutrients they need to continue on.

Here are the flavors deemed "okay" for consumption: Orange, Raspberry, Tropical, Montana Huckleberry
Aside from Montana Huckleberry, which sounds like a stripper you'd want to avoid, you could conceivably buy the rest in sports drink flavors.

Here are the flavors deemed "no thank you":
-Vanilla, Chocolate- If they have these, then where's butterscotch?  I bet you just gagged.
-Espresso- Provide me with a copy of The Times and the background of inane conversation on how your boyfriend's cheating on you, and this gets moved into the "nausea" category.
-Banana- I only eat plantains.
-Apple Cinnamon- I'm sweating like a hog with 10K to go and the last thing I'm hankering for is something like a Baker's Square delight.

-Profession: College student

8th most photographed
bridge in the U.S.
-Favorite kind of bridge: My cable-stay steel bridge I just made

-As a soccer player, do you feel a little slighted that nature and science programs refer to vast distances only in football fields?  What about measuring the distance from the Earth to Venus in soccer fields or tennis courts?:  I'm okay with it.  I like watching football better than I do soccer.  Plus, soccer fields can vary in size.

-Anna, Ohio was home to what:
A) largest earthquake in the state
B) first ultimate frisbee competition
C) Cribbage history museum

Anna: I think it's C
Dan: No, it's actually A
Anna: What?  NO way!

-Within 4, how many times have people called you 'Anna Banana'?:  Thousands of times!  I don't like bananas [and presumably the gel packs], so I don't like it when people call me that.  It's okay when my gym teacher does or this cashier at the supermarket, since both of them are named Anna.