April 12: Bud vase

Friday, April 13, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:53 AM
Given to Kali from LeeAnn.
This is the kind of gift that women
ooh and ahh over at baby showers
Is there anyone out there who immediately loses respect for anything or anyone named Bud?  If you've seen Gilligan's Island, wouldn't it completely alter the show if Thurston Howell III was Thurston "Bud" Howell III?  In reverse, would Bud Bundy be as memorable a character on Married With Children if his name was Steven Bundy?  No way, Jose.

Okay, so you're ordering a beer and say you want a "Bud".  I've got nothing against people wanting to pay $5 for a 16 oz glass of water, but that's why people order Pellegrinos because it sounds better and fancier.  Does anyone want a baseball commissioner named Bud?  And who would want to live in Bud, Wisconsin?  If I lived there, I might gather the required 2000 signatures to put a name change of Lake Meadows on the ballot in the fall.

In response to today's gift, give me a tree vase or flower pot.  But none of this bud vase garbage.

Looks like the guy in the background
should be doing sit-down comedy...
and choosing another pant color.
-Profession: Stand-up Comedian; Patient Advocate

-Favorite kind of bear: Black bear

-What kind of people call California 'Cali'?:  Douche bags.  Some people when they hear my name say, "oh, yeah, like the state, huh?".  Some guy last year made up a song to Katy Perry's California song using my name in the lyrics.  Yeah...

-What would sit-down comedy be like?:  More like story-telling, which is what I like to do.  Interestingly, I don't like to stand in other contexts--for instance, waiting in line.  I wouldn't give my seat up on the bus because I dislike standing that much.

-When you knit someone a scarf, do you choose wool to keep the person's neck warm or do you avoid wool so the wearer is less itchy?:  I use the cheapest wool, so they're itchy.  I put in weeks of time knitting a scarf, so I hope they like me enough to put up with some itching.