April 8: College Survival Kit

Sunday, April 8, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 3:31 PM
Given to Melissa from Anna.

There's a logic here that I've been instructed to explain about Melissa's gift, courtesy of Anna.

The Ramen is a college student's staple and is included without question.  As you roll into the early-evening, enjoy the Nature Valley granola bar as a snack.  When you and your peeps start the pre-party, enjoy this delicious, thirst-quenching Natty Light, along with a shot of whatever from your Delta Tau Delta shot glass.  The next morning, as you crawl out of bed, sip on some Gatorade to get rehydrated and eat the oatmeal to get back on your feet.  Then use the 5-hour energy in the mid-afternoon to perk up for all the last-minute Sunday studying.

Her pies turnout just 'okay' when
making them on one leg
-Profession: Social worker; Policy Coordinator

-Favorite computer accessory: Scanner/Copier Duo

-You're a self-described 'excellent pie maker'.  Are yours even better than an Amish roadside one?:  They're way better.  I don't use lard, which is gross.  I even will pick the fruit myself.  I make a tasty fruit pie.

-When you had a factory job in college, how did you end up passing the time?:  I learned to stand on one leg for 3 hours at a time.  I was making baby bottle nipples and car parts and I had to find some way to entertain myself.

-In talking with strangers on the street, has anyone every asked you for money?:  I will talk with whomever.  I say hello to people as I pass them.  One time I passed this guy and said hello and he asked me if I had any money.  I told him I didn't.  He then asked me if I need money for the bus.