April 13: Two Decorative Picture Frames

Saturday, April 14, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:38 AM
Given to Chris from Kali.
It's a bizarro universe: see me framed in the one on the right?
Some bad frame jokes to use at your next awkward social gathering:

Frame 1: You're looking fit, Reggie.  What's your secret?
Frame 2: Oh nothing big...just a little shadowboxing.

Frame 1: I've been waiting for you since 2 o'clock.  Where have you been?
Frame 2: Sorry!  I got hung up at the office.

Frame 1: Oh my gosh!  You're completely filthy!
Frame 2: Yeah, if I only had a mat...

0% chance he'll be named
"Bobbi Roberts" in the future
-Profession: Research Assistant

-Favorite Industrial Revolution invention: Chemical Battery

-Tell me the funkiness that's going on with your name.  Your full name is Robert Roberts?:  Yes, I go by Chris.  If I went by my full name--Robert Philmore Roberts III, that would have been much more sweater vested.  My names actually indicate where I was in life.  In college, peopled called me Bob Bobs and still do.  Now, I'm Chris Roberts.  I've been publishing under Robert Roberts, so people will know me by that name.

-You're publishing academic papers now, but you've always had a back-up plan in case school didn't work out for you?:  Yes, when I was in my Master's program, I had a truck driving license.  I knew I could always do that.  When I was getting my PhD, I said if this didn't work out, I'd be a river guide in West Virginia.  My goal is to be an inventor; my back up plan there is high school teacher and/or carpenter's apprentice.

-I understand your family owns a llama farm?: Yeah, my dad's a doc and my mom loved animals.  One day when I was growing up, my dad was watching football on t.v. and my mom threatened to buy something that she wanted.  My dad shrugged it off and said "Whatever".  Well, my mom bought a llama and we ended up having several of them.

My mom would make blankets and scarves with their wool.  And...the llamas liked bread as a treat.