April 21: Hand-made origami rose and Hand-knitted Amazon Kindle cover

Sunday, April 22, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:02 AM
Given to Lisa from Patricia.
I wonder how Seal would feel about being
'kissed by an origami rose'
Watching Columbo growing up--and one episode in particular--made me confident in talking with anyone from the medical profession.  In the episode A Stitch in Crime featuring guest star Leonard Nimoy, Columbo solves the murder by figuring out that the doctor (Nimoy) used dissolving suture during a heart operation.  The dissolving suture was dyed to look like permanent suture and everyone was fooled by the well-concealed murder, except Columbo of course.  With the knowledge of suture in hand, I chatted up Lisa's colleague, Kat, about which kind of suture they use on patients.  Needless to say, I looked like House once the conversation ended (in about 20 seconds).  

Room to spare in her limbo dance
-Profession: Nurse

-Favorite kind of painting: Finger

-Do you use a catheter if you're feeling lazy and don't want get up in the middle of the night?:  I can't say that I do.

-When unsolicitedly trying to help your friends out, do they say you 'needle' them?:  No, they don't as far as I know.

-Have you ever put on a Naughty Nurse outfit?:  Yes, but the details aren't fit for print.