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Thursday, May 10, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:02 AM
Given to Bill from Katrina.
Now in Technicolor!
If you're like me, you may have some frustration when you come home from work and don't know quite what to make for dinner.  Or you're short on cash, the nearest Taco Bell's an hour and a half drive away, and you'd like to make a meal.  In case your local grocer is closed and you can't get America's favorite bird--the chicken--here are a list of items that 'taste like chicken'.  Try not to over-rely on substitutes.

-amphibians (frogs)
-your significant other's lips after they've had either one of the aforementioned items; (a word to the wise: please don't bite)
-dinosaurs (theoretical)
-modern-day reptiles (alligators)
-Bouillon cube

-Profession: Middle School teacher; Chicken Farmer

-Favorite Civil War battle: Cold Harbor (Richmond Campaign)

-When the Senate or House passes a 'bill', do you get really excited?:  Not at all.  It usually means they're going to raise taxes.

-Kill Bill star Uma Thurman has a health care product bearing her name.  Which is it?:
[A] Dr. Scholls female wart removal pads
[B] Asian Lancome line of lipsticks
[C] Neutrogena elbow moisturizing cream

I think it's [A] because it'd be a good way to sex up wart removal products.  [Answer: B]

-Do your chickens have names?:  Yes, Brewtus is the Rooster and then there's Chicken Nugget, Speckles, and Eggie, which looks like a bald eagle.