May 21: Brazilian street painting, 2 Tuna Pouches, a Woo Who Koozie and Wrist Bracelet

Monday, May 21, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:42 PM
Given to Camille from Karie.
Here's a star kissed
Karie ran a marathon yesterday and was given the tuna packs as her race recovery rations.  The koozie and bracelet were also giveaways.  The street painting, done by an 8-year old boy, was not.  It came from her travels in Brazil.  The scene depicts the famous Christ the Redeemer church, along with favelas that typically house low-income residents.  If you watch the movie Rio, says Karie, you get a good sense of what the country is like.

In similar fashion, non-native Americans' opinions are shaped by the movies Hollywood produces.  While  picking one movie to depict what life is like in the United States is just about impossible, I think a combination of the following--if woven together--offer a good narrative.  Just my humble opinion, but a damn good one, I think.

-What Women Want (all women want to be with Mel Gibson)
-The Expendables (road rage allegory expressed through Jason Statham)
-Burn After Reading (what most people do on a daily basis)
-Jesse Stone (the way 68% of American men style their facial hair)

-Profession: Banker

-Favorite Tarot Card: Temperance

-Camille was a pseudonym used by Prince in the late-80s and early-90s.  Would Prince be your pseudonym or would it be something else?:  Oh, I have several pseudonyms already: Melee, Big Foot, Butch (my dad called me and my mom this), Cooper Sweeney, Stink and Cammy

-In your job at the bank and also when you had a job at the library, you checked a lot of peoples' IDs for their birthday.  How difficult would it be for you to work a "Guess Your Age" game at a carnival?:  Very difficult.  People younger than me I think are 12.  People older I think they're a respectable 60.

-You are fascinated with Big Foot.
*What do you think its shoe size is?:  17 like Shaq
*Where would you take it for a night on the town?:  Deegan and Rosie's
*How would Big Foot do on Survivor?:  He'd win because he'd eat them all