May 29: "Where's Waldo?" book

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:52 AM
Given to Karen from Emily.
The "Eye-Boggling Extras" is a
Martin Handford center pictorial
If, and that's a big if, Karen and I decide to get married, I've already got "our" song picked out.  The Chicago hit "You're the Inspiration" kept running through my head today as Karen and I enjoyed a clubbish lunch in a spot overlooking the Chicago River.

Why you ask?  Karen is the creator of the fabulous blog "Karen on Deck", in which she sent out 52 playing cards last year to various people and asked each to write on the back of each card a suggestion on an activity that she should do per week.  I'm not going to summarize her whole year--so check out her site--but she vaulted to #2 on my All-Time Rad List with this project.  When a co-worker showed it to me, it inspired me to do a fun project (the blog you're reading now) in 2012.  The rest is history.

Back to our relationship for the whole world to know about.  I don't think I could impulsively marry her.  I'd like to buy a fern to see if we could be good "fern parents" for an entire year--helping it grow, watering and fertilizing it, and making sure we provided a good home for it with enough CO2.  And probably the more critical test is to see if she can shave my stubbly beard growth with a straight blade to make it smooth like Kenny G's records.

Wouldn't let me get to second base
-Profession: Advertising Account Manager

-Favorite cake decoration: Small block letters that spell out "Happy Birthday"

-After committing a flagrant foul against an opponent in CYO basketball, did you immediately say "God Bless You"?:  No, shockingly.  I did say something like "I don't know what came over me, but I'm going to confession on Tuesday."

-Your fun party trick is that you can stand and walk on your hands.
*Do you wear finger socks?:  Only when I'm on concrete or when it's raining
*How many beers have you won through bets?: 8.5

-There are so many sayings about how life is like golf.  Given your fondness for ping-pong, come up with a metaphor about life through that:  Life is like a game of ping-pong--either you're good at it or you're not.