May 10: Wooden Chicken and 6 Farm-Fresh Eggs

Friday, May 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:20 AM
Given to Joe from Bill.
This is about as limber as I am doing the "funky chicken" 
By good fortune, Joe and I had the opportunity to be college roommates.  It would take two posts to probably list all of the hijinks we got ourselves involved in, but because this is his post, maybe I should list the things that caused him the most--what do the French call it?--consternation.

-asking Catherine Zeta-Jones to be my date for Winter Gala

-waking him up at 3:00 a.m. with a dream where I translated simple English phrases and words into Spanish, followed by German

-taping a friend's door with duct tape from the outside, so as to block him in

-waking up on class registration day still in a dream-like state (he was already up) and asking him where Drew Bledsoe went to school.  When he said he didn't know, I told him "Washington State" and that it was the "Aflac Trivia Question of the Day"; I then fell back asleep immediately

Needed 2 year period of readjustment
to 'normal' living
-Profession: Financial Risk Manager

-Favorite Kind of Tea: English Black

-When you worked as a fraud analyst, you often went by an assumed name.  In the same way one figures out their stripper name (first pet, first street they lived on), how would fraud analysts figure out their fraud name?:  Middle name plus the street they grew up on.

-Fondest memory of me in college:  When you threw a can of Mountain Dew at "Wild Wild" Dave West as we were rounding a corner in my dad's pick-up truck

-You often vacation in Las Vegas.  Has there been anything that's happened there that has come back with you?:  Herpes--that'll stick with anyone