May 7: Magic 8 Ball and Money Maker Lottery Ticket

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:54 AM
Given to Maria from Judy.

First off, Maria won $10 from her scratch-off ticket from Judy (max $1m winner)!

Second, Maria got to answer some questions on her mind with the 8 ball:

-Will I get a job by Monday with benefits and a salary that supports my current responsibilities?:  As I See It Yes [provided you can work a pole]

-Will I need new brakes by winter?:  Yes [Don't miss the Meineke 2-for-1 $199 special at participating locations]

-Will the next song [at the bar] be from the 80s?:  It Is Decidedly So [what kind of hot cheese do you want to hear?]

-Will my friend ever pass algebra and become an RN?:  Outlook Good [where time is t; if t >74 years]

-Will my parents cherry tree live?:  It Is Certain [Yes! More delicious pie!]

-Profession: Career Path--theater, video editor, and development coordinator

-Favorite Dried Fruit: Banana Chips

-You were recently laid off from your job.  What's the most fun way a person can be told he/she's been let go?:  Told you were laid off because you won the lottery (over $1m) and don't need the job any more.

-You play the flute and have even recorded an album.  # of jack-ass friends who ask you if you play the skin flute?:  0

-In golf, someone yells 'Fore!' to have another be on the lookout for an incoming ball.  What would you yell?:  Whoo hoo!