May 31: "What's Your Poo Telling You?" Book

Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:55 PM
Given to Nicole from Mike.
Title originally came from high school ACT
essay question
This book written by doctors is a guide to help people identify what kind of poo they are, umm, putting forth in the world.  The descriptions, I should add, are true to life.  Without going into specifics, I like all of the descriptions, but Deja Poo is my favorite, mostly because they used a French word to talk about poo.

In terms of figuring out what their poo said about them, a few years ago, I remember waiting around the Cleveland Cavaliers home locker room along with some fellow staff members as the media tried to snag quotes from players prior to that evening's tip-off.  I vividly recall power forward Carlos Boozer, now with the Chicago Bulls, exiting the bathroom and advising anyone within earshot to "not go in there".

I also got some great coaching advice from a guy named Kenny Fisher and I'd like to pass it along.  A lot of times the athletes we coached would tense up and get anxious before competition.   He would tell them that being successful on the field was like taking a really good dump.  You know, the kind where you just let go and let it happen and didn't think about it a whole lot.  I'd like to give a personal shout out to Kenny for coaxing some personal bests out of our athletes and for distilling Deepak Chopra down to a level I can understand.

Hopes to have a synchronized poo
with Carl Winslow fans
-Profession: Actress

-Favorite former password: fart77
This is so ironic you asking me this!  Back when AOL was first around, my mom was trying to use it, but got confused.  I had to pick out her password, which I made 'fart55' with the 55 being the year she was born.  Our family thought it was funny, so my sister made hers 'fart80'.  I was born in '78, but I didn't want them to know my password, so I made it 'fart77'.

I used that password for everything, including my MacBook.  One day, my computer crashes and I have to take it to the Genius Bar.  The guy asked me to write down my password, which I asked if I really had to.  I pushed the paper back to him on the counter and he gave me this super weird look.  Then like four people walked by and saw it.  It was so embarrassing.

-Nicole Maris was a character in the 1999 film Drive Me Crazy.  What do you think would make me crazy?:  Gum smacking

-As a former synchronized swimmer, if you jiggled your ankle, would everyone have to jiggle their ankle, too?:  Yeah, if it was part of the routine and in time.

-You claim to have a Carl Winslow, a character in Family Matters, conversation with someone random every two to three months.  Have you thought about inviting a person over to watch a re-run and snack on some Tostitos Rounds and Minute Maid Lemonade?:  Maybe I should do that next time.  I bring it up with the person how odd it is.  And those people say they have the same experience.