May 18: Travel Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion

Saturday, May 19, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:18 AM
Given to Anna from Brittanny.

Brittanny started her job as an Admissions Counselor last year in August.  She concluded her extensive travel schedule in April, where during that time, she was on the road 24 weeks.  All in all in that eight month plus span, she was home only two months.  The amount of time on the road left her little time to do much of anything else; she says she has not had much time to explore her new city.

However, she did manage to collect 2 gallon bags full of travel shampoos, conditioners and lotions over that time frame.  In her estimation, she will not have to buy any of these three toiletries for a full year.  And given that her travel will start up again in August, she could again bulk up her stash of travel products and have a two-year cushion.  My advice: I would concentrate more on getting enough linen for your apartment (because you won't get asked about it), get shower caps because they're funny looking when you wear them in public, and I would begin collecting copies of the New Testament.

-Profession: Sales Engineer

-Favorite cookie: Meringue

-You're from the Quad Cities in Iowa.  Can you see a Hunger Games scenario playing out?:  Definitely not.  If it did, Bettendorf (my home city) would not be the winning district.

-When you play soccer, do you and everyone else (except the goalie) feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex?:  That feeling never crossed my mind until now.

-Your father owns and you work at a local favorite called the Maid-Rite Diner.  A trademark sandwich that bears the name has seasoned beef, mustard, onion, and pickle (like a sloppy joe without the sauce).

What would be most devastating?
[A] if it was maid-wrong
[B] someone put ketchup on it
[C] if it came pre-made in a microwavable container

Definitely [B].  When I'm taking someone's order, I'll ask them if they want everything on it, including ketchup.  Someone people will get so upset because that's not the way it's traditionally made.  The people in question are the senior citizens who've been eating there for 80 years.