May 2: Bee-Bear Plush Doll

Thursday, May 3, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:11 AM
Given to Corey from Catie.
Sting's got a band
Catie purchased this combined bee and bear doll from her college bookstore at the beginning of her freshman year.  It's been with her through the good times and the bad times, sitting on her bed like a plush Buddha--always listening, always patient.  She thought it was time to give the doll up to a new owner--a symbolic gesture where she is saying goodbye to college and moving on to a new phase of her life.

The doll has changed names to fit the times.  He began by being named "Plumpy Bee".  Then, he became "Barry the Bee".  She realized that he was 'just' a bee and a bear and thus named him "Justin Bee-Bear".

I asked the doll's new owner what he should be named and Corey said, "Sting", but not the yoga, tantric Sting.  No, no, no, the Sting, he says, that has gorged on too much Ben & Jerry's.

-Profession: Artistic Associate--Engagement

-Favorite bag for groceries: 2 reusable bags from Minneapolis that fold up with snap and fit into a neat square

-"There's no business like show business", but who do you think has it better: the Donahues--the vaudeville-performing family in the 1954 film or the Von Trapps from The Sound of Music?:  Definitely the Donahues because there are no Nazis involved.  Nazis definitely take the positive factor down a few notches.

-Do you perform a staged reading when asking for a raise?:  Of course there's an element of planning when you ask for more money; anyone with a half a brain would do that.  All of life is half planning and half improv.

-'Corey Atkins' was an undrafted football player for the Atlanta Falcons.  If you played professional football, what would be your touchdown celebration?:  I would blackout from sheer shock that I achieved anything in any sporting event.