May 8: Bar of Lever 2000 and L.L. Bean Toiletry Traveler

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:23 AM
Given to Katrina from Maria.

It's amazing what you'll find on YouTube.  Tonight I discovered an old Lever 2000 ad, which advertised that the soap is good for your "touchy-feely parts and your rough-and-tumble parts".  Isn't that just a euphemism for females (an art form-esque body is something you'd want to touch and feel) and males (utilitarian, jeep-like body=rough and tumble parts).   I could be mistaken, but the female lead in this video bears a striking resemblance to pre-Double Jeopardy Ashley Judd.  However, I don't think Ashley Judd--at any point in her career--would put her vixenish face next to a man's bare foot and look happy about it (0:29 mark).

3 Musketeers would leave the weather
guy at home
-Profession: Director of First Impressions

-Favorite kind of milk: 2%

-In your post, you answer the phone.  Who is one person you'd listen to on the phone and like it?: Idris Elba.  He's got a deep British accent--all day I could listen to him.

-What amount of the time do people say, "oh, your name is the hurricane"?:  I got it a lot.  It sucked.  I was on vacation when it happened and, when I got back, people asked me, "Did you know what you did?"  I had enough and shortened it to 'Trina so I wouldn't get any more of that.

-You work at a news station.  What would the name be for a group of traveling minstrel news anchors?:  The Swashbucklers