May 3: Cleveland Playhouse Theater Bag with Vibrator, Sex Kit, Lube, and Lip Moisturizer

Friday, May 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:51 AM
Given to Michael from Corey.
Certainly, a woman could practice her 'acting' before the
big night
There's nothing awkward about this gift swap, is there?  One dude passing along a vibrator to another...

In one of my past jobs, I was a college health educator and would freely and willingly pass out condoms to any and all who would take them.  I liked the time when I had to order my supplies for the year and had to discuss it with the entire staff.  The conversation would go something like, "Do you think we should get two cases of the Extra Pleasure or one case of the Extra Lube and one of the Ultra Ribbed?  The tone of the discussion was like two friends deciding on what kind of pretzels to buy at the store.

In this case, Corey works for a theater in Cleveland and one of their new shows "In The Next Room or the Vibrator Play" is a real show they're performing.  They've partnered with Ambiance: The Store for Lovers to provide gift packs to theater-goers, which here includes the vibrator, safe sex kit (condom and lube), an extra lube packet, and a 25% off coupon at Ambiance good through the end of July.  The lucky winner also gets a tube of Cleveland Playhouse lip moisturizer, a reusable bright orange tote, and several pieces of theater literature.

Wasn't curious about how the Amish
make delicious Paninis
-Profession: Intern at Kitchen Dog Theater

-Favorite Light Bulb: C-9 Ceramic Bulbs

-You're from Texas.  In your estimation, what % of Dallas homes have Dallas on their DVRs?:  62%.  People like watching their own city on TV.

-Once you were standing in line behind some Amish.  Was there anything you wanted to ask them?:  Yes!  Why can't you shave your ugly, stupid bears and get with the program?

-You've said Hogwarts would be your dream college.  When going to the Annual Hogwarts Ball, who would you take?:  Probably both of the Patil girls.