May 24: Tony Packo's Autographable Hot Dog Bun, 3 Lottery Tickets, Ohio Lottery Cap and Travel Hand Sanitizer

Friday, May 25, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:18 AM
Given to JW from Sarah.

Plato said, "The measure of a man is what he does with power."

Later in life he wrote, "The measure of a film director is if he knows Kevin Bacon."

JW is a film director and I played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game to see if he was really legit.  Turns out he is.  Here's the flow:

-JW Myers was in Flamingo Dreams with Terry Kiser.
-Terry Kiser was in See Jane Run with Eve Brenner.
-Eve Brenner was in Murder in the First with...Kevin Bacon.

He's also connected in another way:
-JW Myers was in Flamingo Dreams with Richard Moll.
-Richard Moll was in Liar's Moon with Matt Dillon.
-Matt Dillon was in Wild Things with...Kevin Bacon.

Potentially overshadowed in all of this is the Tony Packo's autographable hot dog bun.  Tony Packo's gained notoriety by its mention in several M*A*S*H episodes, signature sandwich, and large collection of hot dog buns signed by celebrities that adorn its walls.

Like his shortened namesake, JW is
only interested in films with minor
-Profession: Film Director

-Favorite tune to hum: Sunshine of Your Life by Cream

-When you meet people for the first time, do you say, "Hi, I'm JW.  People call me John Wayne for long"?:  No, but I might use that now.  I'm named after my mother's dad's name, which was John and my father's dad's name, which was Wayne.

-What's your technique for picking out a good avocado at the supermarket?:  There's a softness-to-firmness ratio I'm cognizant of.  It has to be slightly soft, but not too soft.  A big factor is if I'm going home to make guacamole right away or if the avocado is going to sit around for three days.

-You were in Flamingo Dreams with Terry Kiser, who was also the star of the Weekend at Bernie's movies.  What would be your idea for the plot of Weekend at Bernie's III?:  Actually, Terry and I are best friends and he was in my wedding.  He has a script already.  He's going to be cryogenically frozen and carried around by a new set of people at the X Games.