May 6: Kate's Personal Collection of 5 Books

Monday, May 7, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:16 AM
Given to Judy from Kate.

Kate included a note for the recipient of these books (see below), which makes her like way cool.  Judy, like Kate, is also a self-described "book worm", but has read only (I'm not making this up) 5! fiction books in her LIFETIME, four of which are by an author friend of hers.  Minus Salt and The Devil in the White City, she could increase the amount of fiction she's read in her entire existence on Earth by 60%!

I'd recommend Salt to anyone; Mark Kurlansky does a fine job here.  I guarantee you'll never look at table salt the same way again and you'll laugh during your next trip to Whole Foods when you see pink sea salt being sold for 6x the amount of a jar of Morton's.

 It's all pun and games until Dan
does one more word play
-Profession: Educator (through Chemistry and other means)

-Favorite element: Carbon

-Do you enjoy Sherlock Holmes simply because his catchphrase is "Element-ary dear Watson"?: Nah.  I am up for some Kung Fu Panda in 3-D.  It was a 3-year old's favorite movie and we bonded over it.

-When speaking of your marriage (to a chemist), do you say that you have a lot of chemistry with your spouse?:  No, I say he was my density...and destiny.

-Finish this Zen thought: I can only control my reactions...: But not the crap that goes in.