May 15: Black Purse

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:04 AM
Given to Samantha from Megan.

This blog has afforded me many opportunities to meet people I wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise.  It's also given me the chance to reconnect with family members as is the case with Samantha.  We are second cousins and, as of 2001, were moved into the "long-lost" category of family members along with great aunts on your mother's side and nephews in Italy you haven't seen in 50 years.  I was going into Starbucks for a gift exchange with someone about a month ago and Samantha was there hard at work on her graduate studies (there were some graphs on the table).

For Megan, this exchange provided her with an opportunity to hand off this purse she had received a while back that was just hanging around in her closet.  Megan, like Samantha, was someone I had not seen in several years after an incident at our mutual friend Lesley's house around Christmastime 2008. Lesley's mom had a lot of baskets hanging around on the walls of all shapes and sizes and we all (Lesley, Megan, my brother and me) thought it would be worth the trouble (and hilarious) to re-wrap a few of the baskets so Lesley's family could be truly surprised on Christmas morn.  As it turns out, no one was more surprised than my brother and me when we saw nary a basket the past four Christmases in the comfortable confines of our home.

Hair can take up to 65 mph wind gusts
-Profession: Elementary School Teacher

-Favorite geometric shape:  Trapezoid

-After playing sports all through high school and college, you were left with no cartilage in your shoulder (three throws of the softball and you can't feel your hand) and you have problems with your knee.  Do you ever label yourself as the non-bionic woman?:  No, I don't think so.

-If you opened up a rival discount chain of stores called Samantha's Club, what would you sell in bulk and on the cheap?:  Coffee mugs--in all shapes and sizes--and hairspray.  I spray, spray, spray to keep my hair in place.  Don't laugh--I use Aqua Net.

-You are on the market and looking for a man who will "make you laugh until you pee".  Would you consider wearing an adult diaper when meeting this man?:  I'd go for a Depends and I'd have to wear it all the time.  You'd never know when he'd be funny.  And if he's really funny, he'll be spontaneous.  And the last thing you want is a spontaneous pee without an adult diaper.