May 16: Tupac Shakur poster and Bear Cookie Jar without lid

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:25 PM
Given to Marija from Samantha.
The high school portrait background
makes this poster real classy
Gut reaction: There's something very, very wrong about this pairing of Tupac poster with adorable bear cookie jar.  Some might even call it sacrilegious.  Biggie would just laugh his ass off.

Still in a haze:  I'm probably going to be tracked down by this guy named Bill for posting and giving away his items.  Samantha, as it turns out, had this guy named Bill living in her house.  The poster was in his bedroom and the cookie jar sans lid was his from childhood.  He left a whole bunch of things in her house when he left for Philadelphia, including these two.  Now he's back in the area and Samantha's dreading the return visit.  As a precaution, I stopped by the Brazilian consulate office today after lunch, asking for asylum.

Lasting impact: Marija's plans are to sell the poster on eBay in "fair" condition and she's going to use the bear as a planter.

Blew her winnings at Chi-Chi's
-Profession: Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire

-Favorite thing to doodle: Tear Drop Man

-Most people assume you're Spanish when, in fact, you're really Croatian.  How many times do people offer you chips & salsa to make you feel comfortable?:  Never, but a lot of people start talking to me in Spanish.

-You won $105 on a 105.7 FM radio contest.  Did you deposit your winnings into a Roth IRA account?:  No, I just spent it.

-What's the longest distance you've walked in one outing?:  2 or 3 miles.