May 20: 2 Journals, Porcelain Coffee Cup, Coffee Mug, and Bottle of Lotion

Sunday, May 20, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:22 PM
Given to Karie from Brianna.
Karie will get a coffee mustache from this cup
Much as I like to fix my friends up, I enjoy lining up great gift exchanges.  Karie is an avid and, by her account, spontaneous traveler who looks for last-minute travel deals.  She keeps journals of her trips, so these little guys will come in great.  She also admits to drinking a good volume of coffee (around 3 cups per day), so these can be worked into her cup rotation.  The exchange would be a perfect 10 out of 10 were it not for her fear of scented hand and body lotions.  So we'll call it a 9 instead.

If you picked up enough pennies,
it would defray your chiropractic
visit cost
-Profession: Accountant

-Favorite thing to carry: Backpack

-You ran 26.2 miles today in a race.  Did you 'run out of gas' when competing in the 'Marathon'?:  Yes, around mile 16.  But Team in Training 'refilled my gas tank' and I was able to continue on.

-Abe Lincoln is your favorite President and you celebrate his birthday by going out and having Abe Lincoln parties where you'll dress in top hats and fake beards.  What's the worst indignity for him--being on the $5 or penny?:  The penny.  People will bend down and pick up a quarter.  But it's not worth the trouble for just one cent.

-When accountants aren't counting beans, what are they doing?:  Slowly saving the world one credit and debit at a time.