May 14: Hero Medallion

Monday, May 14, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:47 PM
Given to Megan from Sarah.
Bette Midler wants you to know something
The story: Sarah got this Hero medallion when she was invited to her friend's church.  When entering the church, her friend adorned her with the medallion and Sarah had to wear it throughout the entire service.  Sarah's friend also had to tell people in her congregation why she thought Sarah was a hero.  I would bet that it's because she can lick Nutella off the tip of her nose.

Megan likes a good hero, in fact three of them:
-a tasty one with fresh-baked French bread, turkey, provolone cheese, coleslaw, tomatoes and fries (like a panini)
-a super one with Batman in Dark Knight Rises
-the one that makes her sound like she's Greek

Clandestinely read a novel on Ellen's
book club list
-Profession: Special Ed Teacher

-Favorite emoticon: The one with the wink

-In a 1987 episode of My Little Pony, Megan and the ponies embark on a series of odd adventures to find four golden horseshoes to help an ailing unicorn.  What were two of the odd adventures?:  (1) Running into a horse eating frogs; and (2) swimming across a river--a really big river

-In your job, you process a lot of paperwork.  Do you, by chance, make your household to-do lists in triplicate?:  No...I don't think so.

-You've read every book on Oprah's Book Club list.  How close, in percentage, do you think you and Oprah are besties?:  33.333%  We'd get to 66.666% if I got to dog sit for her.  And talk about bunions; she has trouble with them and so do I.