January 31: Rascal Flatts CD

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:42 PM
Given to Lisa from Corey.
I might try "Love in an Elevator" this time

Dan's True Confessions:  A few years ago, someone burned me a mix CD, which included the song "What Hurts the Most", which is the feature song on this album.  It ended up being downloaded onto my iPod where it remained until one fateful day.  I had the iPod on shuffle.  A friend got into the car and this tune came on.  She laughed quite cacophonously and just kept laughing at me for having this song on my iPod.  In a fit of embarrassment, I deleted it from my library.

Since that time, I switch the music station when I hear it coming on.  Then on certain occasions, such as today when there's no escape from it, the song gets "memory burned" and I can't get it out of my head.  It's going to take either another song to take it's place (Rod Stewart's This Old Heart of Mine did the trick once before) or six sessions of therapy.

I didn't even bring up the topic
of prepositions with her
-Profession:  High School English Teacher

-Favorite way to say hello in another language:  Bonjour!

-What hurts the most--ketchup stain on khaki pants or a dented-in mailbox?:  Definitely the ketchup stain for sure.

-Tell me how your day was in an non-grammatical sentence:  It...was...busy.  Oh wait, that's grammatical!  Just put down 'Busy.'  It's just one word and not a sentence and that makes it un-grammatical.

If you could eliminate one part of the English language, what would it be?:  Swear words!