January 4: Cruzer Flash Drive

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:34 PM
Given to Emily from Dawn.

We're a few days into this and, so far, everyone's a happy camper.  Emily is looking forward to carting her digital files around from home to car, car to work, work to gym, gym to home, etc with this sleek, efficient flash drive.  I'm actually thinking of writing a spinoff blog next year, following Emily for an entire year on the whereabouts and use of this drive.
Just think: In the 70s, this amount of memory
would take up an entire office parkway

Cute as the dickens
-Profession: community outreach for the Civic Commons
-Favorite Body of Water: Lake Michigan
-Nickname: Em

-Dan: Most people call you 'Em'. Did you know you can play your name as a Scrabble word, which means 'the letter M'?
-Emily: Hmm...Good to know.
-Dan: You can also play 'El' ('the letter L') and 'Es' ('the letter S').  If they were someone's nicknames, what would their full name be?
-Emily: For 'El', 'Mel'...and for 'Es', probably 'Les'.  Oh, oh...I mean, 'Elaine' for 'El' and 'Esther' for 'Es'.
-Dan: You appear to be an excellent Words with Friends player.
-Emily: I am. And my go-to word is fabulous. It's fabulous that it's fabulous.