January 30: Mobile Martini Glass

Monday, January 30, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:14 PM
Given to Corey from Kari.
This would be great at a Monster Truck rally
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a martini glass on wheels.  Put it on a flat surface and the matchbox car will take this glass anywhere.  And it's homemade by Kari!

I can just picture Corey sitting at the end of a bar.  The bartender brings him his martini in his new custom glass.  He spies some young sweet thing a few seats down.  He slightly cocks his head up, gives a confident wink, and then a knowing smile.  She wisps her hair back, then looks down in embarrassment--not knowing quite what to say.  With a little push from his forefinger, he pushes the glass down to her seat.  It goes about halfway there...so he has to get up and roll the glass down to where she's sitting.  She takes a sip and they begin talking.  And the two share the martini, rolling the martini glass back and forth to each other...back and forth.

The man loves his milkshakes

-Profession:  IT Administrator; web designer

-Favorite highlighter color:  turquoise

-Have you ever thought about crossing over to the dark side and becoming a hacker?:  No.  Boredom takes people there.

-Outside of financials, what would you theoretically hack a person's computer for?:  I'd rather physically pour molasses into someone's machine.

-Will you get good use out of this glass?:  I love me an upscale alcoholic milkshake.  In fact, I have an industrial milkshake maker that makes three at one time, plus a residential model that makes one.  I can have four going at once.  It will be used.