January 7: Camouflage Snuggie

Saturday, January 7, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:48 PM
Given to Sandy from Ray.

All it needs now is a cooler for your beers and sodas
A snuggie is the kind of gift you probably wouldn't actively seek out and purchase for yourself, but one you're glad to get.  Serendipitously, Sandy's came with extra room for a snuggle-mate.
I love you thhiissss much!
Interested?  Here's Sandy's bio-turned-personal ad.

-Profession: Resident Physician
-Favorite organ: The heart.  There's a really special bond when the patient is quiet and I'm really focused on listening to the person's heart sound.
-Member of the family she refuses to treat: dogs and other pets

-Q: When you see people here in the States with Chinese tattoos, is it completely hilarious?
-A: Yes.  There's this one guy I know who has a tattoo for the Chinese symbol of 'strength'.  But, it's backwards.  It doesn't mean anything when the symbol is reversed.
-Q: Do Chinese people get English words tattooed on themselves?
-A: Yes.  It's hilarious. Chinese people will get 'love', 'truth', and 'peace', etc tattoos.  However, it's much harder to tattoo them backwards.