January 23: 20Q

Monday, January 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:33 PM
Given to Dina from Dick.
A travel-sized Ken Jennings
As you read below, please respond quietly with the following answers:

Are you human?  Do you live in Antarctica?  Does your mother make cheese?  Are you a crystal meth dealer?  Are silk undergarments a little too uncomfortable for you?  Did you have sushi for dinner last night?  Is 'pelican' your favorite word?  Do you have 3 boxes of popsicles in your freezer?  Do you text LOL even when you're not laughing out loud?  Are you a subscriber of Smithsonian?  Did you clip your hedges this past summer?  Are you in a relationship with Paul Rudd?  Can you bench press 225 lbs.?  Do you sleep with your contacts in?  Can you drive a manual transmission?  Were your parents missionaries?  Are you missing Vermont from your state quarter collection?  Is a clothespin sitting on your nightstand right now?  Are you named after a saint?  Do you have a bowl cut?

Your name is Jennifer.

That's how this works...and it's always correct.

-Profession:  Patient scheduler

-Favorite way to summon a server?:  Usually with a smile and a short wave.  Except this past weekend!  We had this waitress who kept ignoring us the whole time-probably because the food was bad.  I kept flagging her down, but she didn't come.

-Do you sing in the car?:  Yes

-Do you have a sizable light rock playlist?:  Well, yes, and I try to listen to other stuff, too.  I belt out a lot of Journey actually--in front of my kids and in front of their friends.  They get soooo embarrassed.