January 6: Knit cap, necklace, scarf and bracelet

Friday, January 6, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:51 PM
Given to Ray from Amanda.
Oh, snap!
If you can accessorize for a cross-dressing party 8 months in advance, you've had a good gift exchange.  As it happens, Ray is going to such a party and got the dream package of the year with a knit cap, tasteful necklace, a scarf that matches his complexion, and a wooden bracelet, which he broke trying to slide over his hand.  It took him a few tries to get the necklace latched.  He did manage, however, to put the knit cap and scarf on like a pro.

pre-pimp photo
-Profession: Consulting Engineer
-Favorite type of wood: maple ('cause skateboards are made of it)
-Signature basketball move: look-away, followed by two-handed layup
-Age when getting first tattoo: 20
-Worst tattoo for a girl: unicorn
-Worst tattoo for a guy: Tasmanian Devil or Calvin & Hobbs

Ray's worst nightmare