January 24: Photo Frames and Coasters

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:01 PM
Given to Bob from Dina.

"Picture frames for the picture framer...just what I need" is Bob's apt description for this hugely ironic gift.  As with all gift exchanges, neither party knows each other and what their professions are, which sets this up to be an hilarious encounter.  Says Bob, "I'm giving these away next Christmas."

Picture me rollin'
-Profession: Picture Framer

-Favorite mode of transportation:  car

-How many copies of the Bill Murray classic "What About Bob?" do you own?:      Zero.  I've seen it about 20 times, though.  It's funny--about four or five years after the movie came out--they came out with all this 'Bob' stuff.  Bob socks, Bob tools, Bob this, Bob that.  There was this commercial that came out, too, and it got played a lot.  I got tired of it.  And people call me 'SpongeBob' when I borrow money from them.

-If you were wrongfully incarcerated, what would your statement to the media be?:  I've been framed.

-Would you frame the news clipping?:  Yeah, I probably would.

-How many times have you told people to 'think outside the frame'?: None, but that's a good idea.