January 27: Beat Generation Book & Backstreet Boys Buttons

Friday, January 27, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:35 PM
Given to Joe from Nancy.

Amazon.com sales rank of book: #742,738
Amazon.com sales rank of buttons: #6,982,778 (this is an insult)
These two gifts taken together are like a tuxedo t-shirt.  As the line goes in Talledega Nights, "It says like I want to be formal, but I'm also here to party, too."  By possessing this book and buttons, you're acting highbrow, but also telling the world that you have a sensitive and fun side, too.  I think it's perfect.  Or maybe as Joe repeated about six times when opening his gift, "This is interesting."

-Profession: Food Service Management

-Favorite planet:  Never thought about it.  Pluto!  And I want it re-commissioned as a planet!

-Do you laugh hysterically when ordering a 'cup of Joe'?:  No, I never say that.  And no one says it around me either.  I don't know why they call coffee 'Joe' anyway.  But we do have a bunch of jokes around here about 'Sloppy Joe's'.  I want to change it to 'Sloppy Dan's' or 'Sloppy Pete's'.

-Tell me a gourmet dish you could make with marshmallow Peeps?:  Rice Krispie Peeps.