January 15: Reach Access Flosser, Assorted Toothpaste, Pin, and Republic Tequila

Sunday, January 15, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:00 PM
Given to Christine from Audrey.

I'm not sure if Audrey was buttering up to her dentist, but she certainly kept the agenda very focused on oral health...except for the tequila in a bottle shaped like Texas.  Perhaps she was confusing the friendly spirit with mouthwash?

Confused, yet grateful, is today's recipient--Christine!

Disappointed the gift didn't come
with x-rays
-Profession: Mother, Waitress

-Favorite kind of precipitation: mist

-Do you plan to use the tequila as an antiseptic oral cleanser?:  No, not sure if I'll use it at all.  This looks like re-gift territory.

-Since you work in the restaurant business, do you ever advertise 'specials' when you cook dinner at home?:  Hmm...well pizza from scratch...that's pretty special.