January 17: Electric wind chime

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:26 PM
Given to Erika from Heather.
Green power ring not included
One woman's closet dust collector is another's...well...I'm not sure what Erika plans on doing with her plug-in wind chime.  It works like so: You plug it in, the electric fan beneath starts a whirrin', and then these chimes clang & bang into each other.  It's too bad Erika won't be a part of this exchange later in the year to get her mechanized screen door.

Confirms nor denies membership in
the 'Mile High' club
Profession: Master of Zen

Favorite textile: linen with a mosaic pattern

Most interesting job: I worked in HR for an Emergency Response company.  They would send me out on site to any location, but I never knew when I would return.  I wouldn't even know where I was going until right before I left.  Some people thought I worked for the FBI or CIA.

You worked for Air Traffic Control.  Do you keep the men in your life in a holding pattern?:  No, I keep them at 5,000 ft.--apart, that is.  They're all flying at the same speed--and I control the speed.

You also worked for an airline.  What were your perks?:  Of course, the alcoholic beverages.  You get one before you even take off!  You could fly for $15.  And, as an employee, if you dressed nice, they bumped you up to first class if you were on an economy pass.