January 21: 4-Piece Bubbly Bowl Set

Saturday, January 21, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 5:53 PM
Given to Kyleen from Kim.
Caption on the box: "Easy Elegance for Every Lifestyle"
Rescued from the back of closet as an unused baby shower gift, these bowls are set to transform Kyleen's next card party into something truly great.

Says Kyleen: "I was such a horrible mess, clumsy, and no one liked coming to my house with the dishware I have.  It will all change now with these bowls.  I already know what's going in each of them: salsa, ranch dip, my homemade bbq dip, and M&Ms."

Look away...and don't come over
*ding* Now, I'm elegant!
-Profession: Expander of young minds

-Favorite citrus fruit:  grapefruit with a little salt on it

-How long can one say "Happy New Year" after Jan. 1?:  I think during the first full week in January, you're okay.  Then you're in this grey zone until the end of the month. Then, that's it.

-You enjoy going to Utah.  Tell me a slogan that discourages me from going there:  Don't go to Utah: We're going to run out of water.