January 28: Two $10 Starbucks gift cards

Saturday, January 28, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 5:22 PM
Given to Dottie from Joe.
Does anyone have a piece of Double Mint gum?
'Joe' from Joe.  I recently was at Starbucks and don't know quite what to do with the new Blonde roast.  I keep thinking it should be the go-to drink for toe-heads like myself.  Then a barista once had me sniff the beans for blonde roast and they smell a little like peanut butter Whoppers.  But really, it feels like I'm just having a cup of coffee at my aunt's house.  That is, to say, two scoops of grounds and a lot of water.

Good News!  Now serving decaf
at most locations
-Profession:  University Administrator

-Favorite Family Feud host:  Richard Dawson

-You've had a boatload of jobs.  Tell me one you've always been dying to do, but never did:  I've always wanted to be a gas station attendant.  I'm all about customer service...and I like smelling gas.

-Where have squat thrusts gone in today's aerobic classes?:  To the bedroom.

-Bee Gees music--staple or guilty pleasure?:  Guilty pleasure.