January 22: 4 Petite Natural Garden Grow Kits

Sunday, January 22, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:58 PM
Given to Dick from Kyleen.

First, some housekeeping.  If you tried to comment on a post, but couldn't, I believe I have fixed that issue. So comment away!

Dick leads what many observers would call a monk-ish existence.  Oftentimes, he'll be working on his next movie review in the subterranean level of his home in dim lighting with a few crusts of days-old white bread and a pot of diluted tea his only sources of nourishment.  He'll emerge out of this scholarly cocoon exhausted, unshaven, too weak to stand and pale.  But he will have completed his work.  And the majesty of all of this is that he will do it again and again and again until the public has their demand of movie reviews fulfilled.

I pray he opens the blinds a few days a week or re-gifts these to a more nurturing home.

Er ist wie aus dem Ei gepellt 
-Profession: Retired German professor; actor; movie reviewer

-Favorite winter accessory to one's wardrobe:  scarf

-When displeased, have you ever mumbled something in German under your breath in an English-speaking context?   No, but vice versa.  The edited version: Damn.

-Tell me an expression in German and English that means the same thing, but is expressed in two different ways:  In German, when someone is talking about you, you say your ears are ringing.  In English, we say your ears are burning or tickling.  [Dick called two colleagues in Germany and one in the States to get this answer.  Four bonus points for the extra effort!]