January 10: Kardashian Konfidential

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:31 PM
Given to Lana from Steve.
Newest member of Oprah's book club
I won't spill all the juicy gossip, but in this page-turner, you'll learn that Kim--while a celeb--still loves to mingle with 'the little people', Khloe lost her virginity at 14, and Jennifer Lopez makes Kim feel it's okay to have a 'big booty'.  Plus, you'll get diary entries and dating tips!  Personally, I'll wait for Patrick Stewart's audiobook version, but that's just me.

She's really not flipping me off...
"Nobody lay a finger on my..."
oh wait, wrong candy.
-Profession: Bartender; nursing student
-Favorite way to eat a Reese's:
   I just take a bite!

-Dan:  Both the Beach Boys and Roy Orbison penned songs titled "Lana".  Was that your parents' inspiration in naming you?
-Lana:  No, I had no idea about that.  My full name is actually Svetlana, which means 'sunny person' in Russian.
-Dan:  Do they have white elephant gift exchanges where your family is from in the Ukraine and Russia?
-Lana: No, nothing like this.  But at New Year's, people re-gift presents they've had lying around three or four years.