January 25: Elvis guitar clock

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:41 PM
Given to Tom from Bob.
Fans have already started leaving flowers at
Tom's apartment
I enter the restaurant where I'm meeting Tom for the gift exchange.  Tom is not there yet.  The host asks me how I can be helped.  I say "I'm meeting a friend...well he's not a friend exactly, but well, we're doing this gift exchange."  The host asks me if I want a table.  I reply that I don't.  He then asks me what Tom's last name is.  I blank for a moment, then remember and tell him.  Meanwhile, I'm standing awkwardly with this Elvis guitar clock in one hand, telling him I'm not going to eat there, but using the establishment instead as a place where I can do this drug deal-like exchange with someone I don't know very well.  I was kindly offered a seat, uncomfortably sipped the water that lay before me, and used the time before Tom came to explain to the wait staff that I wasn't off my rocker.

5-star gingerbread house builder
-Profession: Pastry chef; recovering architect

-Favorite musical voice: Soprano

-How do you feel about getting your mid-life crisis out of the way early?:  No, my mid-life's yet to come.  This is just a quarter-life crisis.  I still want to go back to Paris and work again with pastry.

-What's a better surprise inside of a cake than a woman?:  A French woman
-What's a worse surprise inside of a cake than a woman?:  A snake

-How do you feel about photos being sprayed on a cake's icing?:  Ehh...errr...ummm...[visualize a contorted face] It's an American thing.