June 26: Butterfly-Themed Travel Mug and Notepad & Pen Set

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:07 AM
Given to Jon from Abby.

Abby's sorority holds the butterfly as its symbol.  However, she tells me that in the days when the sorority was deciding on emblems, the choice came down to either the butterfly or a dragon.  After both being winged creatures, the similarities stop there.  I don't think those sisters were thinking with enough forethought to anticipate the steady goth movement, Harry Potter, and the resurgence of all things dragon (particularly tattoos).

Abby's mom likes to buy her things that center around whatever Abby has in her life or mutters.  In addition her favorite color is purple.  This butterfly set was not the first, nor second, nor third of butterfly-themed items she has about in her apartment, but more like the 12th item she has.  Sound familiar?  I was doing her a favor by taking it off her hands and placing it into Jon's.  He often forgets his travel mug and now he has no excuse.

Did talk with wrestlers about
saving a bunch of money on their
car insurance
-Profession: Hospital IT

-Favorite calligraphic letter: G

-As a former bouncer, did you bounce when your shift was over?:  No, actually, we would stay.  The managers would give us beer and pizza and we'd go out and sit on the dock and eat and drink after our shift was over.

-You have the amazing ability to wiggle one each at a time.  What kind of message are you sending to your lady friends on the dance floor?  And can you synchronize the movements of your ears with the beat of the music?:  I don't think I'm fast enough to move my ears to a dance beat.  But I think it shows the ladies that I pay attention to detail and I have a lot of self-control.  However, I'll be going home alone.

-As a former wrester, was it illegal to
[A] tickle?: no, it was awkward if you did
[B] whisper sweet nothings?:  no, it was awkward if you did and you'd get your ass kicked
[C] make plans to go to the movies?:  it wasn't illegal, but you didn't do it