June 7: NYC handbag and Cleveland International Film Festival poster

Friday, June 8, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:53 AM
Given to Kate from Marie.

I'd ballpark Marie's age somewhere between 25 and 55 years of age, which squarely puts her into the "adult" category of persons.  Her aunt, also an adult, brought her the NYC handbag on a recent trip, which really irked the pants off Marie.  Why?  Because she thinks the bag looks like it should be carried by a 12-year old.  A pair of sassy pumps and this bag?  No, no.  Dorky, thick purple frames and this bag?  Yes, yes.
I'd hate to be the guy that lost his dentures...or python
The film festival poster features a couple of heavy mammals--a rhino and a whale--carried in hot air balloons high above a cityscape with the festival's tagline of "Be Carried Away".  They're happy little guys--ones Bob Ross would be proud of.   What would get me to any event--film festival, hot dog eating contest, scrapbooking party--is being carried away by a Bob Ross impersonator like a man carrying his fledgling bride across the threshold of their new home.

All her unfinished knits would
circle the Earth 4x if put together
-Profession: Retired, Manufacturing Sales

-Favorite hard candy: Brachs citrus balls

-You've knitted a bunch of long knitted rectangles that reside in your closet, but you have trouble making any coherent, functional knit.  What would your dream knit be?:  A really, really great Irish cable sweater. You could probably use what's in my closet for a throw or baby blanket, though.

-As an avid hiker, do you notice a propensity for hikers to yodel?:  I was on a hike this past Saturday and there was a guy singing to himself.  A lot.  I didn't know the songs he was singing, but he was singing a lot.  He knew a lot about flowers, too.

-What does 55 in a 35 mean to you?:  Oh, I've got a story for you.  I was in this small little town called Hanoverton.  The town had several car repair shops and a streetlight, but no real town part.  I was going 55 in a 35 and I pass this cop and I knew he got me.  His lights go on.  The cop gets out of the car and he was OLD!  He looked like a grandpa--he looked like he was in his 70s.

Well, he and I get to chit-chatting for about 7-8 minutes and I ask if I should pull off to the side so we could continue the chat since I was on the road.  He told me I didn't need to do that and then wrote me a ticket!  There was no amount on it and I asked him what I should do.

He told me to call the mayor of the town and gave me his name and cell phone number.  I thought this all looked pretty shady, but I called the mayor.  It was so crazy.  He asked me how fast I was going and then told me I owed him $100.