June 23: 1 lb. Starbucks Indivisible Blend

Sunday, June 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:34 AM
Given to Jeff from Rachelle.
Clay Aiken was invisible and invincible.
I would also like to see him remain indivisible.
Indivisible means "something you can't divide" and Starbucks is marketing their support of job creation for an indivisible America by fingerpicking our heartstrings with this patriotic roast.  That's sentimental and sweet.  What's also sweet is I've just maintained the upkeep on Jeff and his father-in-law's relationship.  Jeff and his bride don't keep coffee around the house; they go out and buy it out every day.  When his father-in-law comes to town and stays at their house, he grumbles that there's no coffee anywhere.  Problem vaporized.

I just hope he has a French press or something to make the coffee in.  Jeff, give me a call if you don't.  Happy to come over and make your in-laws some coffee, eggs, toast, and bacon, pour them some juice, and wipe the corners of their mouths to Aunt Bee perfection right before they excuse themselves for a stroll 'round the neighborhood.

Cleveland + Henry Higgins =
-Profession: Community and Economic Development

-Favorite automatic transmission position: Reverse because of parallel parking

-A recent newlywed, you had a hard time convincing yourself that you loved your wife more than Cleveland, Ohio.  Are you and Cleveland going through relationship counseling now?:  She's okay.  It was funny, though, that there was an extended drought that coincided with the wedding.  But she talks to me with a pretty street scape or scene in a quasi-Cockney accent.

-If you had the freedom to create any sand castle mold, what would it be?:  A replica of Cleveland.  It would be to scale with buildings and bridges, streets and grids.

-You're the 15th bearded gift exchanger.  Are you jolly?: I think I'm jolly.  But that's not because of the beard.  My wife loves scruffy-looking guys so I do it for that reason.