June 13: 2 Beanie Babies, 2 Packs of Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and Unknown Ceramic Creation

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:22 AM
Given to Ryan from Clara.

Last night, we passed the 10,000 page hits mark, which got everyone here at the GWEE 2012 staff pumped.  We, being me, celebrated like Justin Timberlake in The Social Network where the office is decorated with banners and stuff and he's bouncing around and glad-handing anyone with a pulse.  The only difference being that I wrote down the number of my page hits on a post-it and attached it to an empty Kombucha beverage can and I turned on my Mac's camera function and had an imaginary conversation congratulating myself.

Ryan gets the fortunate gift bundle of 2 Beanie Babies (I'm sure we'll see more of these as the year continues), 2 packs of chocolate covered pretzels, and this ceramic thing whose function is a mystery.

-Profession: College student

-Favorite Peanuts character: Woodstock

-In the summers off from school, you work at Red Lobster.  Have you had discussions with co-workers  if there are colors of other kinds of lobsters?:  We have as a matter of fact. I would really like to see a blue lobster myself.

-As a criminal justice major, do you have a photo of Sam Waterston in your wallet along with photos of your family and friends?:   You’ve clearly been going through my wallet. Right next to my Walker Texas Ranger photo.

-What kinds of cheesy tourism advertisements from other states do you hear on the radio/tv in your home state?:  Those California ads that have all the “celebrities” talk about what California is not like, it’s rough to watch.