June 24: 1/2" Female-Threaded Sillcock

Monday, June 25, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:57 AM
Given to Sam from Jeff.

And just who doesn't need a sillcock, eh?  Female-threaded at that.  This "water nozzle" is a robust piece of hardware--it impresses you with its weight.  It'll hold down a stack of papers, that's for sure. But really, those plumbers must be a frustrated bunch if they're naming their pieces/parts like this.  I'm sure they mount the sillcock with two nuts after a few turns from their Johnson rod.

Jeff had this fine piece to exchange because in the spring he wanted to water some plants around his yard, but he could not get the water to come out of the exterior nozzle on his house  He turned with all his might, but couldn't turn the handle.  He got some tools (bad idea) and ripped the existing sillcock off the house entirely.  A quick trip down the steps made him discover that the previous owner had winterized the pipes by shutting them off entirely.  He went to The Home Depot to pick up a new nozzle, which he kept despite calling a plumber over to install a brand new one instead.

The moral of the story: Don't jack around your sillcock with improper tools, unless you're prepared for something to gush out.

I might have to arm wrestle Sam for
dining rights with Ms. Watson
-Profession: Journalist; Fiction Writer

-Favorite comic strip: Derf (from The New Yorker)

-Sam Adams was a member of the Whig party.  If the Whig party  was around today, what would their platform be?:  They would try to appeal to a mass demographic--abolishing disease and nuclear arms, offering everyone a pay raise of $10K funded by a super secret mint, and creating special sleeping pills so people could design their own sleep schedule.

-Sam Adams, the brewer, came out with four Patriot Ales.  Which is one of them?:
[A] Martin Van Buren Creamy Stout
[B] James Madison Dark Wheat Ale
[C] John Quincy Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale
[D] Aaron Burr Winter Ale

I would guess [C].
-It was actually [B]
Congratulate yourself on some good fake answers.

-If the tables were turned, what would convince you to try green eggs and ham?:  If I can eat them with Emma Watson anywhere--perhaps a private dining car or wherever she'd like.

-What do you add to eggs to actually make them revoltingly green?:  Baking soda!