June 17: Reptile mask and Carlos Santana CD poster

Sunday, June 17, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 7:11 PM
Given to Terri from E.J.

It's Father's Day!  And what better way to celebrate by telling you one of my favorite father-son stories.  When I was about 12 or so, my dad worked for Domino's Pizza.  One evening, I called him up to see if he could bring home a pie for the fam and me 'cause we were all hungry and stuff and he got a pretty sweet (that is, to say, free) discount off any of Domino's creation.  When I called him, I was put on hold and was on there for a long-ass time waiting for him to pick up.

Around this time in my life, I was a big Star Trek: The Next Generation fan.  I loved Patrick Stewart (still do) and would mimic him and his wonderful accent whenever I could.  When I was put on hold, it gave me some idle time to work on my craft.  I launched into ordering the shields down and telling my "number one" to take the bridge and I'll be in my ready room and all that nonsense.  Through some glitch in the Domino's phone system, I was put on the company-wide intercom for all the workers and pick-up patrons to hear.  Instead of my dad picking up after like 8 minutes, the guy who put me "on hold", said he'd like to give me a free order of breadsticks and a 2-liter bottle of Coke for the trouble.  Ha!

Back to the gifts...the poster is one to let everyone know of a new CD that's out by Carlos Santana.  And the mask is one that E.J. had and passed along to a few other people in a bush-league white elephant gift swap.  His only request is that Terri wear it at least once during the year (those rules were in effect in the prior exchanges).

-Profession: Waitress

-Favorite toasted item:  Ciabatta bread with turkey, sundried tomatoes and white cheddar cheese

-When you clean your house, do you use terry cloth rags?:  Never.  Have you seen my home?

-Is doing laundry on your laundry list of things to do?:  No.  It's at the bottom.  I only do it when I need to wear something.

-We're already good neighbors.  Would a fence make us even better neighbors?:  No.  We've both got fences (for our pooches) that are low enough to say 'hi' and high enough to contain our space.