June 11: Homemade Starbucks Bag

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:22 AM
Given to Sarah from SuzAnne.

The bag is fantastic--truly one of a kind!  It's similar to those recycled wallets or handbags you can buy that are made from old juice boxes or milk cartons.  SuzAnne, who works at Starbucks, sewed several 1-lb. coffee bags together to form this going-out bag.  Sarah, who loves coffee, was thrilled.

In talking with Sarah and her friend Sam tonight--both of whom are teachers--I was stunned to learn at how many Starbucks or Caribou Coffee gift cards they get at the end of the year, at Christmastime, etc.  Sam gets so many cards that she buys coffee mugs she doesn't need.

I have been called crazy before, but here's an idea that makes a ton of sense: we need to create registries for non-traditional events and for teacher appreciation.  Let me explain.  I was moving to a new apartment and there are several items I still need.  I needed a new frying pan until my lovely friend Audrey stepped in and bought me a very nice, fire engine red Le Creuset model.  If I had a new apartment registry, I could list the things I needed so my friends could get me, for example, a DVD player.  In the case of teachers, I think the teacher should put the max amount of Starbucks gift cards they want and then list whatever else they want.

P.S. I'm told teachers want no more apple products (MacBooks, iPads are okay, though).

Has never witnessed a teacher eating
a Tastykake
-Profession: Teacher

-Favorite auto transportation medium: Parkway

-As a former figure skater, relate a successful triple toe loop with a major life event:  Marrying the man of my dreams.

-Did your Polish family take a side during the deadly Pierogi Wars?:  We were not a divided family--we stuck with potato.  However, I will buy cheese from the supermarket.  So I guess you can call me the Switzerland of Polish pierogis.

-What can you discern from a fellow teacher's secondary snack (i.e. Yoplait yogurt, celery with peanut butter)?:  If you are eating a secondary snack, you're doing something wrong.  Most teachers only have time for a salad because they have so many other things to do.