June 9: Kaito High Sensitivity AM/FM radio

Sunday, June 10, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:27 AM
Given to Mary from Art.

Mary and I are college friends and picked our 10-year class reunion to get together to exchange random gifts.  After going back and forth on how it had been since our last sight of one another (I thought it was maybe 7 years ago at my college roommate's NYE party where I kept haranguing a guy who was a nurse in this party game--I trash talked and kept calling him a "male nurse"--you had to be there), but she thought it was maybe my college roommate's wife's birthday party that takes place in August.  Neither were true and we hadn't seen each other since May of our graduation year.  Well, I found that she and many of my fellow alumni looked like spring chickens.  So keep up the good work, Mary.

Prior to meeting up with Mary, I stopped at my favorite mushroom grower to pick up a couple of pounds of shiitake mushrooms and some mushroom stock so I could make many delights with them, risotto being pretty high on the list.  Since I was going to meet some people and the heat was going pretty strong today, I called my friend who was out of town to see if I could store the goods in his refrigerator until I left.  When I got there, the door was open and the cleaning woman was there.  She said, "I came in the nick of time".  After probing her with some questions, we stepped out on the back porch to find a raccoon trapped in a cage.  I moved the little guy to the back edge of the property, unlatched the hook and sent Free Ricky out into the world so he could forage for garbage one more day.  

-Profession: Lawyer

-Favorite bar question: 12th essay on wills and testaments

-Would you sue a company whose sprinkler system got your pant suit wet?:  You need to sign a retainer with me now.  But to answer your question, no, I would call the sprinkler system "open and obvious".  And the damages were only temporary.  However, if the pant suit was silk...

-If you and your husband were estranged, is he the kind of guy to dress up like Mrs. Doubtfire?:  No, he'd be on a tropical island sending postcards to his children.

-When you do pro bono work, do you do it for Sonny or Chaz?:  For Chaz, but only the Dancing with the Stars Chaz--when he's bedazzled and outfitted for the ballroom.