June 19: Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:24 PM
Given to Nancy from Holli.

Lists "wall-to-wall carpeting" as her fourth
biggest turn-on on eHarmony
The vacuum was a wedding present that Holli and her hubby Dan received from her 80-year old aunt.  Her aunt claimed that this sweeper would "transform her life".  Buried in a closet and two years later, Holli remains stoic to this day about using electric, plug-in appliances.

Then you have Nancy.  Nancy prefers the Amish way of life and thus was thrilled with the push vac.  She sprang up from her chair and started sweeping her office carpeting.  Her co-worker Tony comes out and she excitedly tells him what she got as her gift.  He, too, marvels at the antiquity.  This couldn't have worked out any better.  Okay, it may have been a little better if a Chippendale dancer would have swept Nancy's office.

-Profession: Actress

-Favorite onion: Vidalia

-If someone called you a Negative Nancy, what would you do to convince them otherwise?:  I'd laugh at them because that's so not who I am!  A Negative Nancy would get all bent out of shape if she was called that.

-Often you act out illnesses to help train doctors.  Which has been your favorite?:  Schizophrenia.  I was on meds, but I kept telling the doc that "I was fine, everything's fine, and it was time to get off my meds".

-Does Sluggo provide all the qualities you're looking for in a man?:  He doesn't.  He never calls and he  never writes.  
Maybe Nancy and Sluggo need a 'cooling off' period