June 4: Egyptian Necklace

Monday, June 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:37 PM
Given to Kathie from Kelly.

Channeling the spirit of medieval alchemy, the process that purchased vacation items go through is nothing short of amazing.  Say, for example, you go to Myrtle Beach (it has to be a location, not a sports team).  The souvenir shops are a dime-a-dozen, selling all sorts of merchandise.  Picture in your mind a navy blue shirt with the words "Myrtle Beach" printed in orange, 36-point Chalkduster font and "South Carolina" in yellow, 22-point Gill Sans font underneath it.  Then you have some clip art palm tree picture next to it.  Got it?  Okay, if you wear it when you're there in Myrtle Beach, you look ridiculous.

Take that shirt back with you to your home in Louisville, KY and people are like "That's a cool shirt!"--the subtext being, "You actually got the frick out of here?  Good for you!"  Hands down, this is a universal phenomenon.  In high school, people thought you were somebody if you had a Hard Rock Cafe shirt from Toronto.

In case y'all were wondering, Kelly purchased this necklace--made by Nubian children--on a dock before she boarded a touring ship around Egypt.  The question is: did she walk like an Egyptian to the boat?

-Profession: Recently Retired!

-Favorite newsmagazine program: NPR shows

-Kathie Lee Gifford was the spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Lines in the 80s and 90s.  Finish her tagline, "If my friends could see me now, ________.":  they'd be thrilled I retired!

-Letterboxing is a hobby of yours and it's know as an "outdoor treasure hunting pastime".  Would Nicholas Cage make a National Treasure III: Letterboxing in America movie?  Why/why not?  What would the movie plot be?:  Definitely not.  Harrison Ford would star in a movie about letter boxing: Indiana Jones follows the clues to find treasure in an Ohio winery.

-What would a flash mob of administrative professionals do on their national day of observance?:  They'd simultaneously clear copier jams while organizing search files, all the while singing and dancing to Dolly Parton's Nine to Five.